Exterior Building Evaluation & Repair Engineering Consulting in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach Counties and nearby areas

Identifying Problems, Providing Solutions

Exterior Building Evaluation and Repair By Willcott Engineering, Inc.

Throughout Southern Florida, Willcott Engineering provides extensive exterior building evaluations and repairs. A professional team brings years of practical experience to each and every project. Our comprehensive evaluations reduce the budget and repair guesswork, thereby helping ensure you make an informed decision concerning planning and implementation of repairs.

A Professional, Considerate Approach

The entire Willcott Engineering team understands and respects the importance of avoiding day to day disruption and the smooth operation of your building and home.

Evaluation, Communication, Planning and Implementation

Every step of the exterior building evaluation and repair process is thoughtfully laid out by Willcott Engineering from the initial evaluation to the final inspection. Our team strives for maximum efficiency in execution and administration.

An overview of our process is as follows:

  • We conduct a ‘discovery interview’ with Owners, Board Members, Property Managers and other appropriate parties, seeking identification of the building problems.
  • Our team reviews available drawings, physically inspects building constructions, evaluates exterior conditions, and conducts destructive testing. This evaluation may include, for example, concrete compressive strength testing, chloride content testing, and identification of building materials.
  • Our Engineers develop written reports detailing the work that must be performed and work that should be completed. We do this to help ensure long-term sustainability of the building while maintaining aesthetic integrity.
  • Once reports are complete, we review them with the Property Owner and other appropriate parties, answering questions and providing detailed explanations as required. We will work hand in hand with the Owners to reach a consensus on the Scope of Work to be performed. Once there is agreement on a Scope of Work, we develop a Project Manual (written technical specifications for the envisioned work).
  • The Project Manual is the guide for the repairs to be performed.

Implementing Repairs

  • As part of the repair process we help the Owner in obtaining bids from experienced and reputable Contractors.
  • Before Contractors submit bids, we meet with Contractor representative to further discuss the general Scope of Work, tour the site, and answer any questions related to the Scope.
  • After the Contractor bids are submitted, we review them with the Owner so they can make an informed decision on selecting the Contractor.
  • After the selected Contractor begins to perform the work, we will provide construction observation and Contractor administration. These services include the review of Contractor submittals, application for payment, requests for information, and periodic material inspections. In this capacity, we serve as the eyes of the Owners and the enforcers when necessary.
  • Lastly, we provide inspections on behalf of Building Departments to ensure the repairs were performed in accordance with the Project Manual and Code.